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Premium Probiotic For Women

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What is it?

A clean, complete prebiotic-probiotic supplement with 24 billion CFU per capsule guaranteed and formulated with 5 ultra-premium strains.
Guaranteed to help reduce gas & bloating, balance vaginal health, promote healthy weight, and boost immunity. 


Routine is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free & Non-GMO

Benefits & Ingredients

Improves overall gut health

B.lactis HN019

Promotes a healthy immune response
B.lactis BI-04

Increases healthy vaginal flora

L.rhamnosus HN001 & L.acidophilus La-14

Contributes to body weight decrease

B.lactis B-420

Helps relieve stress & anxiety

Ashwagandha KSM66

See What Routine Can Do For You

Gut Health

What happens in the bathroom can tell you a lot about your health. Maybe your gut transit time—how long it takes food to make its way through your digestive tract after all the chewing, breaking down via enzymes, and nutrient absorption—is normal. Or maybe you struggle with diarrhea or constipation. Gas and bloat? Not fun either.

Probiotics can be an integral tool to get your GI tract back on track (and keep it that way). How exactly? By increasing good bacteria, stimulating the digestive hormone cholecystokinin, and breaking down bile salts.

We picked one of the most highly studied strains to address the gut. Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 has been shown to improve overall gut health, help naturally regulate your digestive system, and nix those uncomfortable symptoms.

Vaginal Health

Bacteria and yeast may get a bad rap, but both are critical (and beneficial!) to vaginal health. The two work in tandem to protect your reproductive system against potentially harmful pathogens and keep a healthy pH. When that intimate ecosystem gets out of whack, infections can arise (think candidal vulvovaginitis, a.k.a. yeast infections). In a nutshell, equilibrium is everything.

Routine combines Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 and Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-14, two thoroughly studied probiotic strains that have been clinically proven to help maintain healthy vaginal pH, increase beneficial vaginal flora, and improve frustrating symptoms like itching and discharge.

Healthy Weight

You are what you eat—but we’re not just talking about veggies, salads, and fiber-rich meals. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, consuming probiotics can have a positive impact on your weight, too.

Routine uses Bifidobacterium lactis B-420, a well-researched strain that populates your gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria, including Christensenellaceae (reduces waist circumference and body mass¹, and boosts metabolism²) and Lactobacillus³ (helps regulate weight).

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711+ Reviews



711+ Reviews

711+ Reviews




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Here’s what a few Routine fans had to say…




Absolutely love my new routine - I'm hooked!!! Totally saw a difference with my GI issues within the first week and now I won't miss a day! Thank you

Great product - I'm a senior citizen never have taken a probiotic. Didn't know what I was missing. Now I feel more energetic and sleep like a baby. Just feel great!

It's amazing - My stomach never felt better. I do have more energy. No more UTI's. I will be ordering them on a regular basis.

Nate H. - 46

Yolanda N. -68

Denise S. - 35


"Probiotics play a key role in regulating your digestive health. In my clinical experience, I’ve seen patients with crippling bloating, constipation, and diarrhea improve dramatically with the routine use of probiotics."

Sally W. Verified Buyer 12/16/20




I was having yeast infections since last December and nothing the doctor gave me took it away. It kept coming back. I was afraid I was going to have to just live with it! Then I found Routine! Started taking it 6 weeks ago and my problem is gone! I am on my second month and I will be taking this forever now!

Crissie A. Verified Buyer 12/15/20



It really works

I had chronic IBS-D for a year straight. Within a few days I am just using the bathroom once a day! Definitely continuing this daily.

Delan C. Verified Buyer 12/11/20



Routine makes taking probiotics feel like indulgent self-care

I have IBS and taking Routine Probiotics has boosted my mood and made my stomach feel happier overall, and the beautiful glass jar and automatic refills make this particular form of self-care feel more like a treat and less like a chore.

Tiffany D. Verified Buyer 12/16/20



Best probiotic I've tried!

On my third month of using routine and I am so impressed! I tried a ton of probiotics but nothing has helped my stomach/digestion as much as this one. Definitely feel more energy through the day as well. The subscription service makes it so convenient so I never run out. Also love that the packaging is recyclable/reusable. A great brand!


We'll refund your money no questions asked! 

Order now with absolute confidence! If for any reason whatsoever you feel Routine isn't for you, we will gladly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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